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Tables: Approved Sterilization and High-Level Disinfection Methods for Specific Richard Wolf Instruments

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation, Inc. has listed in tables the most up-to-date approved sterilization and high-level disinfection methods to use with specific instruments manufactured by Richard Wolf. Each table is specific to the sterilization/high-level disinfection method and the instruments that have been tested and approved for that method.


Medivator® AERs

Midmark Ritter® M11 Table

Reliance™ Table

Resert® Table

STERIS System 1E™ Table

STERRAD® Systems Table

V-PRO™ Systems Table


These tables will be updated as further validation testing is completed and approved for use and/or as new sterilization/high-level disinfection methods become available to the market.

Reprocessing Information, Instrument Specific Manuals

Information to safely operate, decontaminate, package, sterilize, or high-level disinfect:

Reprocessing information for a specific instrument can be found in the instrument’s instruction manual, commonly referred to as “Instruction for Use” or “Direction for Use”.  The manual includes instructions on how to operate the specific instrument as well as steps to correctly decontaminate, package and sterilize or, as appropriate, high level disinfect the instrument after use.  

Please call Customer Service at (800) 323-WOLF (9653), or email at for a copy of the instruction manual of your choice. 

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