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Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation
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Human Medicine


"It all started with an idea"

The history of endoscopy from the start of the 20th century is synonymous with the history of the Wolf family. Throughout, tradition, innovation and progress are very closely interlinked. The name Wolf stands for a century of expertise in endoscopy.


For more than 100 years, Richard Wolf has been innovatively and passionately manufacturing endoscopic devices for all medical disciplines.

Featured products include:


Scope, Sheath, Suction Irregation Handle Set 

Texas R.I.B. 

Hemer Bronchoscope 

Strobe View 5570 

General Surgery



Eragon Single Piece Forceps 

Modular Forceps 


TEM Instrumentation 


OfficeSPEC - Disposable Side Opening Speculum

Endoscopic Seal for Gynecology

The Morce Power Plus

Eragon Bipolar Forceps 

New Compact Office Hysteroscope Pack 

OptiFlow Single



The Bipolar Chip E-Vac

The HySafe Forceps for Hysteroscopy 

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