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100 years of Quality Borescopes and RVI Solutions

With over 100 years of experience in endoscope development, material research, manufacturing, sales and services, Richard Wolf MIC provides the highest quality and customized solutons for remote visual inspection.


We offer a wide range of high quality borescopes, fiberscopes and videoscopes to meet your specific industrial needs from quality inspection to scheduled maintenance with applications in the inspection of castings, engines, gear boxes, gas turbines, steam turbines, building structures, bridges, gun barrels, hydraulic components, etc.

Featured products include:

The VIPAQ™ is the newly developed videoscope system with a direct digital USB 2.0 video output, which makes it compatible with any laptop or PC, eliminating the need for a seperate video unit. Remote buttons on the ergonomic handle provides picture capture, white balance and camera sensitivity adjustment with ease. Two way tip articulation (180 / 130) provides excellent oversight. It is available in three working lenghts 0.8m, 1.4m, 2.0m.

The TVP-6 series videoscopes with 6.3 mm diameter meet all expectations of customers in optical and mechanical quality, ruggedness, reliability and durability. The TVP-6 is available in working lenghts up to 3m. Designed for special industrial needs; the TVP-6 videoscopes are equipped with multi-layer rugged flexible insertion shaft, tungsten wire braid outer jacket, high buckling and torsional strength overall, and water-proof flexible shaft. It is provided with four way tip angulation and exchangeable objective lenses (0 straight view / 90 side view) for maximum image viewing.

TECAM-3 is the first fully automatic USB video camera especially for endoscopic applications, with remote control of the most important functions. It is extremely compact and light weight, with direct USB connection compatible to any laptop or PC.



Richard WOLF Blending Scopes provide the perfect solution for repairing damages caused by FODs on the compressor blades of aircraft engines and gas turbines. By restoring engines to flight condition on-wing, the ground time for engine repair can be reduced drastically. Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 11mm diamters. Special blending scopes for specific engines are also manufactured.

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TECAM-3 USB - Video Camera with VIPAQ Technology

Check out our small and leight weight USB hand camera with direct digital USB 2.0 output and additionally S-video output.

Small and light weight USB hand camera with direct digital USB 2.0 and additionally S-video...