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Blending Scope TBS

Restores engines to flight conditions on wing—Reduces engine ground time drastically

The Richard Wolf Blending Scope is a patented system to abrade FOD's on the HPC blades (High Pressure Compressor) of aircraft engines or gas turbines. The Blending Scope is the original system with approvals from all important aircraft engine manufacturers.

This in-situ-abrade is a highly cost saving repair method, specially for UER (Unscheduled Engine Removal). The Blending Scope is mostly used when the engine is still on-wing.

The Wolf Blending Scope is designed like a traditional borescope. Its shaft is inserted through the standard borescope ports. A motor drives the tip with the mounted grinding tool up to several thousand rpm. The blending process is observed through an inbuilt high resolution optical lens system either by direct vision through the ocular eyepiece or also via any standard video camera system on a monitor (adapters are available). A wide range of tools for cutting, grinding and polishing are available in various lenghts and forms and can be fitted to the unique patented miniature drive head of the Blending device.

The Wolf development engineers together with engineers of General Electric/USA and Lufthansa Technic/Frankfurt have developed the Blending Scope to make it mainstream. Available are diameters of 6mm, 10mm, and 11mm, please find below a pdf brochure for all availabe Engine Kits. 

The Blending Scope is manufactured in the main facility of Richard Wolf Medical Instruments in Knittlingen, Germany. To date, there are worldwide about 500 systems in daily use.

VIDEO: Richard Wolf Borescopes - The Blending Scope

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