ICATT Apprenticeship Program

Earn while you learn. Launch the career you have been waiting for.

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments is proud to participate in the Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) Apprenticeship Program – the Midwest’s leading apprenticeship program for high-tech manufacturers and companies using complex technologies or logistics. Established by the German American Chamber of Commerce and fully benchmarked on the internationally-recognized German Dual Education System, this program combines an accelerated associate degree curriculum and valuable on-the-job training.

As a Richard Wolf apprentice, you will train in the classroom and the workplace, learning skills that will serve you throughout your entire career. For the first three years of the program, our apprentices split time between a condensed course of study and on-site training at our US headquarters. Richard Wolf is ICATT’s only participating employer in the medical technology space, which gives our apprentices the unique opportunity to help shape the future of medicine, transform lives, and work in an industry that requires a high level of precision and technical expertise, all while earning a competitive salary and full employee benefits.*

At Richard Wolf, our apprentices earn while they learn and emerge from the program without the burden of student debt. We cover all educational expenses – tuition, fees, books – and offer a daily stipend to cover living expenses. Upon successful completion of the core program, apprentices are granted an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Manufacturing Technology, certification from the US Department of Labor, DIHK certification, and are guaranteed two years of employment at Richard Wolf.

We take great pride in our partnership with ICATT and the successful careers this program has helped launch. To learn more about Richard Wolf and ICATT, please contact Lisa Browning, Training Specialist at (847) 955-0704 or lbrowning(at)richardwolfusa.com.


ICATT Network Company Profile: Richard Wolf Medical Instruments 


*Richard Wolf Medical Instruments is one of only a few ICATT affiliates that offers full employee benefits to apprentices.