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Founded in Berlin, Germany as Brückner and Wolf in 1906, Richard Wolf continues today as a global leader in endoscopy.

Soon after its founding, our company was renamed Georg Wolf, specializing in the design and manufacture of electromechanical equipment and instruments. Four years later, we were receiving worldwide recognition for outstanding achievements at World's Fairs, including a Gold Medal at the 1910 fair in Brussels, First Prize at the 1911 fair in Turin, and First Prize at the 1937 fair in Paris. Introduction of our Wolf-Schindler gastroscope in 1932 paved the way for a new era in gastroenterology.

Following World War II, the company reopened as Richard Wolf GmbH in 1947, with headquarters in Knittlingen, Germany. The company made a number of significant contributions to the field of surgery during the next two decades. Technologies included the first endoscopic color films with Wolf instruments, the first endoscopic television transmissions, and the introduction of "cold light" illumination for endoscopes.

Richard Wolf continued to expand globally during the 1970s, with subsidiaries in the U.S., Belgium, France and the U.K. We continued to develop groundbreaking technologies that enabled advancements in laryngo-pharyngo, uretero, and nasal surgeries. In response to more complex surgical procedures, we introduced surgical sets in the 1980s, and in the 1990s developed the first extracorporeal shock wave lithotriptor as well as technologies for endoscopy of the spinal column.

Growth continued into the millennium, with additional presence in India, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Japan, China and Russia. We continued to make significant advancements in medicine with our innovative lasers and our operating room network that facilitates visual medical record integration.

Throughout our history, our close relationships with medical specialists have helped us translate complex challenges into solutions. We place great value on this insight, as it has led to many of our brightest innovations.

With 100 successful years, we are unceasingly inspired by the medical community and their patients. Our commitment to them will lead to further groundbreaking advancements in the science of minimally-invasive surgery.

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