Guiding Principles

We are a global business with headquarters in Germany and over a century of tradition and expertise in the field of endoscopy. We develop, manufacture and market specific system solutions for minimally invasive human medicine.

Customer Satisfaction, Associates and Service 
We are committed to the fulfillment of our customers' and associates' needs as well as their satisfaction and confidence in us. With highly motivated staff, distinct service strategies, highest product quality; as well, competent consultation and customer care, we aim to exceed our customers’ and associates’ expectations.

We focus in the area of research and development. By focusing our ideas on the latest state-of-the-art technologies and through continuous dialog with leading specialists and opinion leaders, we develop innovative, market-driven, value-added quality products.

Quality Management 
Our staff have a high level of quality awareness through innovation and thorough training. In support of our high quality product we exceed all internationally recognized quality standards.

We strive to implement fast and flexible decision making, both in-house and in the field. Our wish is to strengthen job satisfaction through individual responsibility and to form optimal decisive action within the various market segments in order to guarantee our business success.

All our staff are conscientious about the environment. Ecological concerns play a big role in our daily tasks. We believe that environmental responsibility complements economic success.

Staff Training 
Through the development of highly qualified talent and the provision of first-class apprenticeships and training programs, we are confident that our staff meets the increasing demands of today’s corporate environment.

Corporate Culture 
We strive to offer our staff a stable and secure work environment in which performance and job satisfaction are well balanced by a system of support and challenges. Our corporate culture is one of fairness, respect, transparency, loyalty and mutual trust—where overall team spirit ranks high.