Guiding Principles

We are a global leader in minimally invasive medicine, and have been since 1906. Headquartered in Knittlingen, Germany, Richard Wolf develops, manufactures, and markets innovative technologies for use in endoscopy. We deliver solutions that allow physicians, across a wide range of medical specialties, to provide a higher standard of care. Day in and day out, we are driven by the spirit of excellence, and guided by the following principles:

Customer Satisfaction
Above all else, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction – to maintaining strong partnerships and ensuring their full confidence in our portfolio of products. We achieve this through tailored service strategies, industry-leading products, focused consultation and customer care, and a highly motivated staff.

Our unyielding commitment to research and development is what separates us from our competitors. Owned by the Richard and Annemarie Foundation, Richard Wolf is not beholden to the interests of private ownership or stockholders – only to the advancement of endoscopic medicine. Since our founding, we have collaborated with respected specialists around the globe, which informs every product we bring to market and helps give rise to new means of endoscopic diagnosis and therapy.

Global Reach
Richard Wolf is an international group with 14 subsidiaries, 130 distributors, and more than 1,500 employees around the globe. We are a truly global organization and are becoming more integrated every day.

Quality Management
Our Quality Management team maintains a high level of quality awareness through an ongoing and holistic training regimen.

Our business strategy is centered around fast and flexible decision making, in-house and out in the field. Our corporate team and sales force are structured to empower each individual employee with the tools they need to achieve success in their respective market segment.

We believe environmental responsibility and economic growth can, and should, go hand in hand. Ecological concerns are top of mind throughout our manufacturing processes and other daily business tasks.

Professional Growth
Talent runs deep at Richard Wolf. We recognize this and are committed to giving our employees the tools they need to grow their professional skill set and meet the increasing demands of today’s corporate environment.

Corporate Culture
Our culture is one of fairness, respect, transparency, and loyalty – one defined by a collaborative spirit and a mutual commitment to truly life-changing work.