Prima Vista Academy at Richard Wolf

prima vista: at first sight

Therapeutic and technological advances in endoscopy are constantly emerging and this requires a tremendous level of training so practitioners can stay up to speed with these developments. Prima Vista Academy offers doctors and other vital medical personnel just that – targeted, hands-on training across a wide range of surgical disciplines.

At Prima Vista, we give physicians their first glimpse into our portfolio of products and the endoscopic approaches it can be used for. At Prima Vista, surgeons play a pioneering role in the development of groundbreaking technologies and new methods of care. At Prima Vista, ideas are put into action and the relationship between technology and clinical method is mapped.

Be one of the first. Shape the future of your specialty. Join us as pioneers in endoscopy. 

Established in 2010 and located here at Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation, Prima Vista Academy houses a 60-seat, webcast-equipped lecture hall, 11 lab stations, and a full collection of minimally invasive instruments and endoscopic medical imaging technologies.  

Each year, we welcome doctors, OR technicians, and central processing personnel to our on-site, state-of-the-art biolab to explore innovative technologies and surgical techniques – face to face, specialist to specialist.