We design ergonomics and comfort into our ENT instruments, with perfect imaging in mind.

For over 100 years, Richard Wolf products and solutions have followed the critical principles of quality, ease-of-handling and patient safety. 

Today, we are innovating endoscopic technologies that support the shift to minimally invasive procedures, particularly in an office setting. We are on the forefront of ergonomic designs for specialized applications, introducing the first ENT products specifically for sinus and throat procedures.

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Endoscopes for Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine

Small Anatomy Laryngoscopes by Nikolai-Mantel

Operational Laryngoscopy Set by Remacle

Our products are guided by collaborations with leading ENT specialists from around the world. They share with us the day-to-day demands that you face along with the difficult challenges that call for specialized and unique solutions. This insight has led to groundbreaking innovations, like our Small Anatomy Laryngoscopy Set that is perfectly sized to enable procedures with your smallest patients.

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