Gynecology Instruments

In surgery, experience counts. Our instruments are preferred by your most well-regarded colleagues. 

For over 100 years, Richard Wolf products and solutions have followed the critical principles of quality, ease-of-handling and patient safety. We offer solutions to some of your most challenging cases, with time-tested instruments that are preferred by experienced surgeons. This includes our Princess bipolar resectoscope, with the smallest outer diameter on the market and an ideal solution for patients with a narrow cervix.

Today, we are innovating endoscopic technologies for gynecologists, with designs that offer the precision you need for critical procedures and the confidence you demand for the best possible patient outcomes.

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Our products are guided by collaborations with leading gynecologists from around the world. They share with us the day-to-day demands that you face along with the difficult challenges that call for specialized and unique solutions. This insight has led to groundbreaking innovations, like the world’s first resectoscope with automatic tissue chip evacuation—the Chip-E-Vac System, a tissue removal device, which ensures continuous visualization throughout the procedure.

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