Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Ground-breaking surgical procedures require ground-breaking surgical instruments. Richard Wolf is the world leader in full-endoscopic spine surgery.

You want your patients to have the best outcomes from the least invasive procedures, with the fastest recovery time. Our advancements in Spine Endoscopy are designed for the forward-thinking surgeon who views innovation as a competitive advantage in the growing field of spine surgery.

Spine Endoscopy procedures are often performed under local anesthesia and can require less post-op pain medication, and result in a speedier recovery. Richard Wolf Spine Endoscopy instruments are preferred for their impeccable optics as well as exceptional functionality, versatility and durability.

Wolf-sponsored workshops have educated the greatest number of surgeons on emerging techniques of full-endoscopic spinal surgery, and Richard Wolf’s knowledgeable clinical staff provides outstanding continued support following the workshops.

Richard Wolf pioneers the development of ground breaking techniques in spine endoscopy, and this is exemplified by its product line and the breadth and quality of instrumentation.

  • Full instrument sets to cover more applications and approaches, including 8 different spine endoscopes
  • Industry-leading articulating rongeurs and TipControl™ articulating burr system
  • German engineering and precision craftsmanship for outstanding quality and durability
  • A recognized world leader in optics and proprietary precision rod lenses for exceptionally clear images

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Spine Endoscopes

Central Stenosis Set

TipControlTM Articulating Burr

Learn more about our surgical applications for the Spine

Endoscopic Cervical Spinal Surgery – Anterior Approach

Endoscopic Cervical Spinal Surgery – Posterior Approach

Endoscopic Dorsal Ramus Rhizotomy

Endoscopic Lumbar Spinal Surgery – Transforaminal Approach

Endoscopic Lumbar Spinal Surgery – Extraforaminal Approach

Endoscopic Lumbar Spinal Surgery – Interlaminar Approach

Endoscopic Lumbar Spinal Surgery – Central Stenosis

Our products are guided by collaborations with leading  spine surgeons from around the world. They share with us the day-to-day demands that you face along with the difficult challenges that call for specialized and unique solutions. This insight has led to groundbreaking innovations in spine endoscopy as the least invasive alternative that you can offer your patients.

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