Thoracic Instruments

Our innovations in thoracic surgery instrumentation enable you to make dramatic differences in people's lives.

For over 100 years, Richard Wolf products and solutions have followed the critical principles of trusted German craftsmanship, ease-of-handling, and innovations designed with the patient and the surgeon in mind.

Today, we are innovating thoracic surgery technologies that offer the precision you need for the least-invasive procedures and the confidence you demand for the best possible patient outcomes.

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Video Mediastinoscopy

Mini-Thoracoscopy Set

Our products are guided by collaborations with leading respiratory surgeons from around the world. They share with us the day-to-day demands that you face along with the difficult challenges that call for specialized and unique solutions. This insight has led to groundbreaking innovations, like the Dilating Video Mediastinoscope, which is designed to ease entry and diagnostics as well as being the first of its kind with the unique ability to be completely disassembled for optimum reprocessing.

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