Flexible Ureteroscopy

Besides diagnosis, ureteroscopy is primarily used for therapeutic purposes. Miniaturization and a modification to the optical system empowered flexible ureteroscopy to be developed as an effective method for treating kidney and ureteral stones. A wide range of auxiliary instruments can be inserted through the working channel e.g., for fragmenting (laser fibers) and retrieval (forceps, baskets) of ureteral stones, and for harvesting tissue biopsies (biopsy forceps).


  • Ureteral and kidney stones
  • Strictures or tumors in the ureter or renal pelvis
  • Investigation of undiagnosed disorders of urine flow (e.g., urolithiasis, constrictions of the ureter)

Richard Wolf supplies two new innovations in this segment with the flexible sensor ureteroscopes BOA vision and COBRA vision.

BOA vision

The flexible single-channel URS sensor BOA vision ranks among the pioneers in the market for video URS, because it is currently one of the only sensor URS capable of being used in an access sheath as small as 9.5 Fr. The BOA vision is impressive as an all-round scope with its slim sheath and excellent, detailed image quality with 3.6 Fr. working and irrigation channel, and 270° upward/downward deflection. 

COBRA vision

The flexible dual-channel sensor URS COBRA vision impresses with the unique selling points of two working channels which permit simultaneous working with two inserted auxiliary instruments and therefore significantly reduces intervention times in the operating room. Along with outstanding image quality, this instrument has a specially designed laser shifter for fixation and precise length adjustment of the laser fiber. It is therefore, ideal for use in stone therapy.

These two flexible sensor ureteroscopes have a sensor unit which operates together with the latest ENDOCAM Logic HD camera controller. This instrument is illuminated with an integrated LED for optimum illumination of the operating site without interfering light spots.

Apart from the sensor ureteroscopes, flexible fiber ureteroscopes and rigid fiber compact ureteroscopes are naturally also supplied with straight, side and laterally offset eyepieces.