PIRANHA Laser Enucleation System

Laser enucleation for BPH is continually increasing in importance. Richard Wolf markets its own tissue morcellator for cutting and removing the prostate tissue after the process of enucleation. The PIRANHA Laser Enucleation System offers urologists a comprehensive, precisely coordinated system comprising laser resectoscope, PIRANHA endoscope and tissue morcellator. The exceptionally powerful, efficient and easily operated PIRANHA tissue morcellator simplifies the GreenLEP technique and expedites the intervention.

  • Enucleation and morcellation without changing sheath
  • Enucleation and morcellation is even possible with 24.5 Fr. continuous irrigation
  • Can be used with all laser fibers up to 1,000 µm
  • Precise enucleation with special fiber guidance
  • Intuitive operation of instruments and devices
  • This system can also be used with resectoscope working elements for hemostasis or for secondary resection

Special laser resectoscope sheath for blunt enucleation of the prostate

  • Optional special sheath for laser TUR-P
  • Inner sheath with thickened stainless steel tip—particularly resistant and robust, even if the laser is inadvertently triggered
  • One working element for all laser fibers
  • Large selection of guide tubes for different types of fibers
  • Working element can be used with the same sheath as the PIRANHA endoscope eliminating the need to change the sheath
  • Also possible to work with rotatable 24.5 Fr. continuous irrigation sheath
  • If necessary, the laser working element can be exchanged for a resectoscope working element (monopolar or bipolar) in order to carry out subsequent resection or coagulation

PIRANHA Endoscope

  • Outstanding visualization conditions through integrated irrigation channels
  • Can be used without changing sheath—enucleation and morcellation with one sheath
  • Rotatable adapter allows it to fit in the outer sheath of a continuous irrigation sheath
  • Large working channel of 5 mm also accommodates a morcellator while giving substantial irrigation
  • Telescope can be used with rotatable irrigation sheaths of 24.5 or 26 Fr.