Imaging Systems

Kamerasysteme für die Endoskopie

We pair extraordinary HD technology with patient data management for the most cost-effective and adaptable imaging platform.

For over 100 years, Richard Wolf products and solutions have followed the critical principles of quality, ease-of-handling and patient safety.

Today, we are innovating imaging technologies with designs that offer impeccable high-definition optics and user-friendly interfaces. We offer a wide range of camera systems to address today’s visual imaging requirements in offices, surgery centers, and hospitals.

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ENDOCAM Logic HD Camera System

ENDOLIGHT Light Sources

Fiber Light Cables

Medical Monitors

RIWOmobil OR Video Cart

Our products are guided by collaborations with leading imaging specialists from around the world. They share with us the day-to-day demands that you face along with the difficult challenges that call for specialized and unique solutions. This insight has led to ground-breaking innovations, like the ENDOCAM Logic HD system which represents the cornerstone to a wide-range of camera heads and digital endoscopes.

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