Digital USB Printer Sony

The Sony UP-DR80MD is a medical grade, compact, high-quality printer ideal for everyday documentation needs.

  • USB printers for PC applications, documentation systems and ENDOCAM Logic HD
  • Informative documentation with endoscopically recorded HD images in photo quality
  • Laminate layer on the printing paper to protect the surface, which means it can be stored for longer periods of time

Medical Grade HD Digital Recorder

The Sony HVO series of HD digital video recorders complement the ENDOCAM HD line of camera units in versatility, functionality and compact design. These digital recorders feature simultaneous recording on an internal hard drive and various external media and also support live image streaming over a hospital network or internet. The Sony HVO3000MT also allows for 2D/3D video recording in full 1080p resolution and can be paired with a touch screen to offer easy patient data management.