core nova

The fully network-based integrated OR system.


Today’s advanced technologies and clinical techniques demand state-of-the-art operating rooms with smarter configurations. The solution: core nova. Customizable and fully-scalable, this system is designed to optimize workflows through intuitive centralized device control and media management.

Centralized Device Control
core nova allows the user to control multiple devices within the OR from one touchscreen, streamlining OR flows and clinical processes.

Media Management (Video Routing)
The system can route video signals from up to four connected sources (endoscopic camera, ultrasound, C-Arm, and more) to the monitors in an OR, ensuring visualization needs are met no matter the procedure. 

Small Footprint
core nova does not require a technical room and can be installed using a hospital’s existing IT infrastructure. No separate server or server rack required.

Available as both a mobile and fixed solution, core nova gives customers financial flexibility and versatile functionality.


Control at your fingertips. Optimize OR workflows from one centralized touchscreen.