TipControl™ Articulating Burr System

A new angle on endoscopic bone resection

As the leader in spine endoscopy, Richard Wolf strives to provide superior functionality to all of its instrument sets. An important advantage of Richard Wolf Spine Endoscopy is the development of articulating instruments that provide the surgeon with better access to the anatomy.

Richard Wolf spine endoscopes, with angled distal tip, provide a wide field of view of the spinal anatomy; while standard, straight, instruments can only reach a portion of that anatomy. TipControl™ instruments from Richard Wolf feature deflectable working elements that enable the surgeon to operate on an expanded area, while still maintaining full visualization and control.

The TipControl™ Articulating Burr is a reusable burr system for resection of cartilage and bone. It features a finger actuated lever on the handle that controls the angulation of the burr tip to provide an additional 10 mm of reach in any direction. The Articulating Burr system comes in two different lengths (290 mm and 350 mm) to work through any Richard Wolf spine endoscope with a working channel of 4 mm and can address bony conditions such as foraminal stenosis, lateral recess stenosis, or central stenosis.

The system is available in two versions compatible with the M4 or M5 handpiece and can be connected to the Combidrive or any compatible Richard Wolf shaver controller. A changeable, single use, burr insert, ensures maximum cutting efficiency for every case.

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