Instrument set for full-endoscopic decompression of lumbar spinal canal stenosis

Richard Wolf is the market leader in endoscopic spine surgery with customized instrument sets for a wide variety of applications. The new Vertebris Central Stenosis system represents yet another major advancement in Wolf’s commitment to full-endoscopic spine surgery.

Drawing on its expertise in interlaminar instrumentation, Richard Wolf developed a new endoscope and instrument set that facilitates the rapid removal of bone and ligament in cases of central canal stenosis. All the instruments work under direct visualization to provide optimum control while, at the same time, minimizing the trauma to surrounding tissue.

The demanding requirements of central canal stenosis surgery have been addressed by a fully redesigned instrument set:

  • A new 10 mm diameter working sleeve provides access to the anatomy through a posterior approach 
  • A new stenosis endoscope features a large, 5.7 mm working channel that permits use of a new set of significantly larger bone resection instruments 
  • Large diameter carbide and diamond burrs, operating up to 8,000 rpm, are available to rapidly remove bone from the lamina and facet joint
  • Full-size Kerrison punches, with a bite width of 5.5 mm, speed the precise removal of bone 
  • A new hollow sphere, bipolar RF probe facilitates removal of surrounding soft tissue

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