The efficient morcellation system

The morcellation of 16 g of adenoma tissue per minute—not a problem for the PIRANHA enucleation system.

The Piranha System is an ideal combination of laser resectoscope, morce scope and Piranha morcellator. It efficiently removes enucleated tissue after a complete laser Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TUR-P). The system operates intuitively and efficiently without the need to change sheaths and continuous irrigation sheaths during a procedure.

The user can also easily change to a compatible monopolar or bipolar working element for a secondary resection or for extended hemostasis. The Shark resectoscope generation can therefore be ideally combined and used with the PIRANHA morcellation system:

  • Perfectly matched system
  • Complete laser TUR-P Set for HoLEP or vaporesection
  • Can be used with all standard laser fibers up to 1,000 µm

PIRANHA Blade Vmax

The PIRANHA system is complemented with the new single-use rotation morcellator, PIRANHA Blade Vmax, which yields significantly faster and more efficient morcellation. The rotation morcellator is an essential component for effective laser enucleation. The atraumatic, closed morcellator tip prevents any of the bladder-wall mucus membrane from being sucked up inadvertently.

  • New cutting-blade geometry for sharper cutting characteristics
  • No irritating “ping-pong” effect created by small tissue chips
  • Disposable, packed sterile

Richard Wolf has taken another pioneering step toward more efficiency with the new PIRANHA Blade Vmax.


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