Operational Laryngoscopy by Remacle

The set for optimum access—in one system

Designed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Remacle, Richard Wolf developed this laryngoscope set to be the user’s optimal choice in instrumentations for any laryngoplastic or phonosurgery. The Remacle set has four different laryngoscopes along with the appropriate micro-surgical instruments in one system.

Operating Laryngoscope PN
Recommended for the anterior commissure in situations where space is at a premium, or if larynxes are difficult to visualize. 

Operating Laryngoscope LM
Preferred use in microsurgery and laser surgery, a panorama view provides an outstanding overview of the hypopharynx and larynx.

Operating Laryngoscope BR
Triangular distal cross section of the sheath tube, providing a superior view of the glottis and the anterior.

Operating Laryngoscope by Kramer
Optimum view of the complete vocal fold and simpler visualization of the anterior commissure.

Mainly used for tumor surgery and phonosurgery, these scopes with beak-shaped tips offer an optimal view of every surgical operation—including with or without laser support. These laryngoscopes have been designed with variable handling and permit the user to decide whether the light rods and the insufflator/aspiration tubes are used internally or externally, providing a versatile field of view and an ideal, individually adjustable working channel.

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