The future is logic—perspective on the future of endoscopic camera systems

The new camera platform ENDOCAM Logic HD embodies the logical advancement from prior generations of camera systems from Richard Wolf.

The best result with a systematic approach
ENDOCAM Logic HD offers its full capabilities within one complete, innovative system which occupies a leading position in the market for endoscopic cameras. The camera control unit is the central module in a new generation of digital camera heads, intelligent LED light sources, efficient light cables, brilliant monitors and advanced chip-on-the-tip technology.

Highly developed dialog function
The dialog function of Logic HD permits automatic control of the light source through the camera. Important status indicators of interactive devices, such as the insufflators, that feature dialog functionality are displayed on the monitor.  Users no longer have to implement any settings or try to read critical device status from across an OR. This represents a significant contribution to simplifying operation.

ENDOCAM Logic HD has a large number of pre-installed surgical profiles that have been tested in clinical settings and can be quickly selected at the beginning of an operation. This means that the new system is compatible with any situation in the operating theater. Menu-driven navigation is very user intuitive and simple. Surgeons and technicians are also able to specify a large number of preferred settings and define individual custom user profiles.

Flexibility meets innovation
Richard Wolf’s PENDUAL camera head is ideal for surgical applications where flexibility of movement is key (e.g. for rigid URS). The multiple award-winning pendulum camera head housing can be easily rotated from a 90° angle to a straight camera head by a simple and smooth turning action.

Integrated documentation
ENDOCAM Logic HD can record Full HD videos on to a USB storage device. Also integrated into the camera controller is a still image archive, printing function and patient data input mask.

ENDOCAM Logic HD has been designed to meet the highest image transmission standards:

  • HDMI outputs are standard
  • Unique: SDI / HD SDI / 3G SDI equipment versions for transmission of 1080p to SDI 
  • PIP = picture in picture input (also 3G-SDI) Analog outputs
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