Medical Monitors for Endoscopy

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Monitors play an important role in the quality of the endoscopic image. All medical monitors in Richard Wolf’s product portfolio undergo an array of comprehensive testing to guarantee optimum system compatibility with the ENDOCAM line of endoscopy cameras.

The portfolio ranges from very bright 27" monitor with LED backlight to a compact 15" LCD which operates as a secondary observation monitor.

All medical monitors provide Full HD images in HD quality.

ZeroWire Ultra—Medical grade wireless transmission of HD signals in the operating room
ZeroWire Ultra enhances flexibility and ergonomic convenience in the operating room allowing for the seamless positioning of a secondary monitor. No hard wired signal cables—eliminating a potential tripping hazard in the OR.

The image source for the transmitter is the ENDOCAM HD and the receiver passes this signal on to an LCD monitor. This creates an invisible HD link with a range of up to 32ˈ that can accommodate the smallest to the largest OR's.

ZeroWire Ultra units feature:

  • Nine non-interfering channels that transmit images in real-time without interference—compatible with all ENDOCAM HD cameras
  • Transmitter has a DVI and an HDI-SDI input for easy integration into any OR
  • Assembly is very simple and assembly tools are optimized for combining with NDS
    monitors and in some cases suitable for use with SONY monitors
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