Fiber Light Cables

Quality with every fiber

Light transmission is paramount to any surgical procedure; even when using the best endoscope. Richard Wolf has a well established history of manufacturing high quality, long lasting fiber light cables that deliver the maximum amount of light. All Richard Wolf light cables are made in Germany with high quality fiberglass materials designed to be durable in a high volume usage environment.

  • A steel anti-kink coil protects the delicate fibers without compromising flexibility. Standardized color codes make matching the light cable to the appropriate Richard Wolf endoscope easy.
  • A straightforward snap-on connector, unique to Richard Wolf, makes attaching light cables
    and endoscopes effortless and ensures a secure connection every time.

To complement new high powered light sources, Richard Wolf developed a high output fusion light cable. This fusion light cable features compressed glass that reduces the space between fibers resulting in approximately 20% more light output than a standard light cable. In addition, this glass layer is also less susceptible to the negative effects of sterilization chemicals, than standard cables.

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