SPINE Endoscopes

Superior visualization for every application

At the heart of every Richard Wolf spine endoscopy instrument set is a Richard Wolf spine endoscope. Richard Wolf is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality endoscopes for a variety of surgical specialties and now brings this expertise to the practice of spine surgery.

German engineering and craftsmanship guarantee that every endoscope is of the highest quality and functionality. All Richard Wolf spine endoscopes feature precision rod lens optics for the highest image clarity. Sapphire distal lenses, and continuous improvements to the endoscope housing, have resulted in new benchmarks of durability.

Richard Wolf spine endoscopes come in a variety of styles, lengths and diameters to address a wide range of anatomy, applications and approaches:

  • The original YESS spine endoscope features a 2.7 mm working channel and integrated inflow and outflow channels for the clearest view
  • The Vertebris spine endoscopes feature larger working channels and multiple lengths to address a variety of procedures—including transforaminal and interlaminar discectomy as well as dorsal ramus rhizotomy
  • The Vertebris Cervical scope works with a special oval cannula to provide excellent anterior access to herniated cervical disc
  • The new Vertebris Stenosis endoscope features a large, 5.7 mm working channel to enable rapid bone resection in cases of central canal stenosis
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