Urology Reprocessing Trays

Custom protection, ultimate security

The reprocessing needs of the Central Processing Department (CPD) and the Perioperative Department are answered with the customer-driven design of the Richard Wolf Urology Tray line—providing custom protection with ultimate security.

Richard Wolf’s urology trays include the following trays, all validated for Prevac Steam sterilization:

  • Cystoscopy tray
  • Urology Resection tray
  • Pediatric All-in-One tray

For a more detailed overview of Richard Wolf’s Urology Reprocessing Trays and specific information about the individual trays, download our urology reprocessing trays brochure.

Key Features

Protection First

  • Unparalleled protection for your scope and instrument investment
  • Round tray corners and molded feet for reduction of torn wrappers and maintained sterility
  • Soft silicone scope brackets for scope damage prevention

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

  • Outline and label guides for each endoscope and instrument bracket for clear and easy organization and placement of instrumentation
  • Utility box with silicone mat for small, loose components and accessories
  • Placeholder for light cables and HF cords
  • Cystoscopy and resection trays universally designed for both adult and pediatric endoscopes and instruments
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