General and Long Laparoscopy Trays

Custom protection, ultimate security

Inventory management made easy with Richard Wolf Laparoscopy Trays. The Richard Wolf Laparoscopy Tray line offers storage and sterilization trays that accommodate both standard and long length laparoscopic instrumentation. The long and standard length trays are designed to protect and organize instruments and other medical devices and are both validated for Prevac Steam sterilization.

Key Features

  • Trays can accommodate 3.5 mm, 5 mm or 10 mm diameter instruments
  • Silicone brackets secure and protect laparoscopes and hand instruments
  • Cut-outs on the sides of the tray allow for easy hand access to remove the instrument rack from the tray
  • Deep pin matting secures miscellaneous instruments and accessories

For a more detailed overview of Richard Wolf’s Laparoscopy Tray Line and specific information about the individual trays, download our laparoscopy trays brochure.

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