TipControl™ Articulating Nucleus Resector

For rapid and efficient removal of nucleus tissue

The TipControl line of articulating instruments provides significant depth of functionality to Richard Wolf Spine Endoscopy by expanding the areas accessible to endoscopic instruments. Richard Wolf continues to advance this functionality with the introduction of the TipControl Articulating Nucleus Resector.     

The TipControl Nucleus Resector is a sterile, single-use, articulating shaver blade for use in removing nucleus tissue in applications such as endoscopic decompression and disc space preparation in endoscopically assisted interbody fusion surgery. The articulating tip actively deflects under user control to reach a wider area of the disc space than is possible with conventional rigid shaver blades, while the aggressive cutting tip rapidly removes nucleus material.

The Tip Control Nucleus Resector is compatible with the Power Stick M5 shaver handle and can be driven by the Combidrive EN or ART1 Motor Controller. The 350 mm working length and 5.5 mm diameter allow the blade to be used through any Richard Wolf lumbar spine working sleeve as well as under direct visualization through the 892109205 spine endoscope. The Tip Control Nucleus Resector is sold as a sterile, single use device and comes in packs of three.

TipControl Articulating Nucleus Resector Brochure

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