Be Flexible—quality and performance have a new size

An economical and innovative imaging system, the ENDOCAM Flex HD is compact, portable and easy-to-use. This endoscopic camera system offers a high-quality image suited for outpatient and office procedures in areas such as: urology, gynecology, pulmonology and otorhinolaryngology.

ENDOCAM Flex HD Controller

  • Excellent Image Quality—true HD image
  • Compact—low-profile controller (150 mm W x 58 mm H x 230 mm D)
  • Plug and Play—simple and intuitive setup for easy operation 
  • Versatile—compatible with conventional rigid and flexible endoscopes 

 ENDOLIGHT Flex LED Light Source

  • Bright—high light output comparable to a 180 W xenon light source
  • Environmentally Friendly—power-saving LED technology
  • Efficient—up to 30,000 hours of bulb life
  • Compact—low-profile light source (150 mm W x 58 mm H x 245 mm D)

ENDOCAM Flex HD Camera Head

  • Ergonomic—lightweight (0.28 lbs) 1080p HD camera head 
  • Snap-on Lock Coupler—13-29 mm parfocal zoom lens
  • Two Preset Camera Buttons—white balance (white button) and digital brightness (black button)

With its small footprint, the ENDOCAM Flex HD imaging system saves space while delivering brilliant endoscopic images—an optimal solution to meet your needs.

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