The new definition of sharp.

With four times the resolution of HD and the capability to reproduce more than one billion distinct colors, 4K technology is the future of endoscopic imaging. Fine details are sharper. Spatial depth is magnified. Colors are truer.

The ENDOCAM® Logic 4K camera system — the newest addition to the ENDOCAM Logic line — brings the clarity and brilliant detail of 4K to the operating room. From endoscope to monitor, and everything in between, the ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera system achieves a continuous 4K imaging chain. Built on the ENDOCAM Logic HD platform, ENDOCAM Logic 4K combines the versatility and user-friendly features of Richard Wolf’s previous-generation system with the stunning detail of 4K.


Features & Benefits

4K UHD Resolution
3840 x 2160 pixels.

Equipment Versatility
ENDOCAM Logic 4K gives facilities the flexibility to upgrade their ENDOCAM Logic HD system incrementally. This turnkey system is also compatible with all Richard Wolf vision sensor endoscopes.

Integrated Recording System
Allows user to store HD images and video on a USB stick.

User-Friendly Interface
Built-in touchscreen enables quick setting changes.

Compatible with core nova, Richard Wolf’s network-based integrated OR system.

Special Imaging Modes
The ENDOCAM Logic 4K camera controller is equipped with several Special Imaging Modes (SIM), each designed for improved tissue differentiation. To help save valuable OR time, SIM can easily be switched on and off using one of the programmable camera head buttons.

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