Precision with bite—resectoscopes from Richard Wolf

The new Shark resectoscope is functional, precise, and efficient. The ergonomic design of the perfectly harmonized overall system offers an impressive instrument with intuitive handling and control. These characteristics were also confirmed by an “iF Product Design Award” in 2013.

Intuitive assembly and operating principle—the system elements are uniformly assembled and dismantled using snap-on locks. This technology is an enormous time-saver and permits easy, comfortable and efficient handling.

Along with the snap-on lock mechanism, the innovative distal Shark tip sheath design is the highlight component which permits focused irrigation flow. Stainless steel, ceramic and biocompatible plastics make this product extremely durable.


  • Continuous irrigation sheaths in 22/24 Fr. and in 24/26 Fr. and two intermittent sheaths each in 24 Fr. and 26 Fr.
  • Double sheath with 360° rotatable inner sheath
  • Enlarged irrigation stop-cocks for improved flow characteristics

Working Elements

  • Ergonomic design with Shark-fin finger support and enlarged comfort thumb rings
  • Backward compatibility with existing resectoscope sheaths


  • Enhanced stability on the basis of a newly designed structure for the electrode fork
  • Precise electrode guidance through working element and telescope
  • Automatic snap-on electrode locking at the working element
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