A petite solution for bipolar resection

The Princess is the smallest bipolar resectoscope from Richard Wolf with an outer diameter of just 7 mm. It is used with the PANOVIEW telescope featuring a 12° direction of view. 

The small dimensions of the Princess allow for reduced dilation effort and less resistance upon insertion which result in considerably reduced trauma to the cervical canal. This design benefit is ideal for use in patients with cervical stenosis and other fertility issues.     

The option of an additional inner and outer sheath allows the instrument to be expanded to 8 mm in order to facilitate the use of a larger loop when desired. 7 mm and 8 mm rotatable design options further expand resection capabilities.  

  • Slim 7 mm / 21 Fr. Resectoscope with continuous irrigation
  • Ability to expand to 8 mm 
  • Bipolar and monopolar application 
  • Slim outer diameter allows for reduced dilation effort, significantly less resistance during insertion, and less trauma to the cervical canal
  • Rotatable options 
  • E-line quick-action lock
  • PANOVIEW telescope 2.7 mm, direction of view 12° 

Bipolar Vaporization Electrode “BIVAP”

A special shape of electrode was developed for bipolar vaporization technology. The specific geometry of the electrode surface means that the high-energy plasma can be used in concentrated form for fast and effective tissue vaporization with minimal loss of blood.

The new bipolar “BIVAP” vaporization electrode is ideal for endometrium ablation and treatment of myomas.

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