Streamlined reprocessing and tailored training solutions.

The ability to effectively clean, disinfect, and sterilize a reusable medical instrument is critical to its functionality and longevity, and more importantly, to ensuring patient safety. That is why reprocessing is a key consideration throughout our entire R&D process.

Our reusable technologies are designed to stand the test of time and the rigors of daily use. They are manufactured with materials that can withstand repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals and sterilization processes, and in many cases are designed with flushports and other components that can be easily disassembled for more thorough and streamlined reprocessing.

Our commitment to reprocessing excellence goes beyond our products themselves. Throughout the year, our team of clinical specialists travel the country offering in-depth, hands-on training to central service professionals – those who are entrusted with the vital processes that take place before a surgeon ever steps into the operating room.

We also include step-by-step, validated reprocessing instructions with every one of our reusable devices and have a robust library of additional educational materials. Click here to learn more.

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