Reprocessing—Clean, disinfect, sterilize

The ability to effectively clean, disinfect and sterilize a reusable medical instrument is critical to ensuring patient safety and to maintaining the proper functionality and longevity of the instrument. 

At Richard Wolf, reprocessing is a key consideration in the design and development of our instruments. Instruments are designed with materials that are compatible with and can withstand the rigors of repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals and caustic sterilization processes. Instruments are designed with flushports and components that can be disassembled for ease of cleaning. Some instruments are also designed with maintenance-free components that facilitate the reprocessing procedure.

Detailed step-by-step validated reprocessing instructions are found in the product-specific instruction manuals provided with every instrument. The reprocessing instructions must always be carefully followed to ensure a properly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized instrument.

Richard Wolf offers a variety of products to facilitate instrument reprocessing:

Compliance with reprocessing instructions is dependent on an adequately trained and educated sterile processing staff. Richard Wolf offers a collection of customer education materials which address instrument reprocessing. Brochures on the Care and Handling of Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes are available to our customers, as well as DVD videos and wall mountable posters.

Our specially trained Clinical Specialists are also available to assist hospitals with care/handling and reprocessing training for their staff.

Discuss your needs with a Reprocessing specialist.