Guardian Service

Protecting Performance

Protecting Performance

Since 1906, we have been a global leader in minimally invasive medicine, manufacturing and servicing the finest endoscopic instrumentation in the world. One thing that has always remained the same: expert service demands expert technicians. The Richard Wolf Service & Repair department is a highly skilled team of instrument makers who approach every repair with an unmatched attention to detail. Only Richard Wolf technicians can keep your Richard Wolf endoscopes and instrumentation performing at their best.

At Richard Wolf, we realize a holistic approach to service is the right approach. We are here to fulfill your repair needs and are committed to helping you protect the longevity of your Richard Wolf equipment through our on-site training programs. Our team of Guardian Service Specialists and Clinical Consultants help facilities improve care, handling, and reprocessing procedures for their Richard Wolf devices. As an added benefit, Guardian Platinum and Guardian Gold members may elect to receive an annual business review to assess repair history, inventory
management, and gather actionable analysis.

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Endoscope Repair Exchange Program

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Preventative Maintenance Program

Guardian protects your instruments, so your team can focus on what matters most.

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